“These Virginia natives wreak of badass in a completely unapologetic fashion. There’s just enough clever pop in their sound to keep things dancy yet overall they undeniably have the balls of an African Badger.”


“It’s the kind of music that elicits a strong urge to sing along even if you don’t know the words. The kind of music that can only truly be experienced in a crowded bar full of sweaty kids and maybe with some beer being slung around in the air.”


“These dudes crush, officially!”
~Sounds of RVA

“When a song starts playing and the first thing I do is bob my head up and down and think to myself “Alright!”, you better believe that I’m gonna post that sh*t.”

“There’s two kinds of garage bands: those who’s musical endeavors are limited to practicing in their parent’s basement between rounds of bagel bites, and those that take a firm grasp of the loud, fuzzy, rawness of the pre-digital era and channel it into the kind of rock n’ roll you can fuck, fight, or party to, or all three. Sports Bar is the latter”

“Returning from a year-long hiatus, which they presumably spent figuring out just how much exuberance can be packed like bagged m&m’s into one two-and-a-half-minute track, they’ve delivered a product that shimmers as much as it inspires bodies to shimmy. It’s milkshake-and-fries from the drive-thru garage rock, a perfect mix of sweet and salty that does more than just show us a good time.


“Yes, this Richmond, Virginia band is called Sports Bar. Deal with it. They certainly DGAF. And their raw, fast and outa control punk rock DGAF either. Other gems off their self-titled record from last fall include “Sad Acid”, “Makin’ Money” and “Love Fuck”. Yes.

“On the more aggresive tip, Sports Bar makes gloriously combative garage music. They remind me of the late, great Mummies with King Khan & BBQ Show hooks and fuzz-box-driven bad attitudes. Sports Bar makes you feel good about bad thoughts. Run to them.”
~Richmond Times-Dispatch

“Someone named their band Sports Bar? That sounds promising...”